Pantone Living Coral: Design Inspiration from Our Pros | Jaymar


Color of the year

Comme chaque année, Pantone, véritable institution de son domaine, nous propose la couleur qui, selon eux, marquera le milieu du design dans les prochains mois.

Every year, Pantone, a true leader in its field, proposes a color that in their view, will mark the world of design in the coming months. 2019 is no exception and it is with this in mind that we present the Living Coral, a vibrant color that will bring to the space it embellishes a touch of vitality and impressive audacity.

Embodying playfulness and optimism, this vibrant color revives our spaces with its contagious energy. A perfect accent color that can be applied in several forms such as;

  • Painting on your walls
  • On the fabric covering a cushion or a throw
  • Integrated into an art canvas
  • On a lamp or lampshade
  • Integrated into a tapestry
  • On a vase or other decorative accessories
  • On kitchenware
  • And much more !

Guided by the rise of social media in our collective everyday life, coral is a carrier of modernity and evolution. It offers those who dare a lighter look at the world around them by creating an invigorating space filled with joy and authenticity that seems to save us from our traditional decor habits.

We recommend you arrange it with neutral colors, like gray and greige, to create a simple and singular dynamic look. Golden elements can also be added to give a refined aesthetic decor to your layout. To dare is to adore it!

Present items:

  • Jaymar reclining apartment sofa, Seattle model in Illusion Steel leather
  • Canvas, RENWIL, HEART
  • Ceiling fixture RENWIL, AXIL